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What is CYNERGY?

CYNERGY is a young and energetic consulting company committed to inspiring and supporting the strategic growth of professionals and their organizations. Working in the fields of education, management and leadership; we build result-oriented creative partnerships with clients through training and coaching.

OUR GOALS are accomplished by creating spaces for study and reflection; offering support for everyday tasks; collaborating in building scaffolding that facilitates growth; co-creating strategies for sustainable continuous improvement; and developing a culture of excellence. In school settings we train teachers and directors in developmentally appropriate practices and teaching strategies across all areas of early childhood education.

We offer:

Training of trainers
Technical assistance

Social media strategy

Marketing for educational events

Organization of work systems
Training for teams
Translation and editing services
Meeting facilitation services
Project design and evaluation
Training for directors & managers
Agency wide evaluation
Early childhood education advising
CDA training and advising
Coaching for excellence
Program design, management & evaluation
Higher education instruction
Support for accreditation & licensing
of educational institutions

We work with:

Managers and supervisors ~ Training organizations ~ Non-profit organizations
Public and private corporations ~Teachers ~
School principals & directors ~Consultants
Educational teams ~ Inspectors and licensing specialists ~ Private and charter schools
Public school systems ~ Other agencies

Some of our partners:

(from syn-ergo, meaning working together): describes an effort of different entities

with a combined effect that is stronger than the mere sum of their individual effects.
Synergy exists when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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