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What is CYNERGY's philosophy

on professional development?


We present training sessions centered in active and collaborative learning. The respectful and fun environment leads them to reflect on topics they already know, internalize new concepts and practice what was learned.

Each session is customized to the strengths and needs of the participants: whether they are teachers, directors, employees or general managers of a corporation. This is accomplished through personal interviews, phone conversations, observations of the participants at work or any other method decided with the client.


Our purpose is to offer guidance for the daily work; to build a scaffolding that facilitates individual and organizational growth; and to create strategies for sustainable continuous improvement. For that reason, the list that follows is presented only as a sample of our work.

We can address other issues, including the unique contents for each organization (such as their  own mission, objectives, or specific policies and procedures).

CYNERGY's central purpose is to inspire and accompany the growth of professionals and organizations, helping them to thrive.

Areas in which CYNERGY
can train your team:

Leadership ("Organizational change and continuous improvement." or "Growing on purpose: the strategic planning process.")

tion management ("The ABC of managing an educational program." or "Quality  indicators of the project and its leadership.")

E-communication (creation and/or management of websites, social media, newsletters, etc.)

The curriculum ("Looking to think, thinking to learn: observation and documentation in the classroom." or "How do we match the curriculum model to the organizational goals?")

Child development
magic of the written word: the beginnings of literacy." or "Brain development and early learning: theory and practice.")

in the classroom ("The Teaching for Understanding framework" from Project Zero at Harvard University or "Lessons, projects, units, themes: planning as the core and support of teaching.")

Non formal education ("Directing a non formal education team: framing the work." or "This is not my school!: group dynamics outside of formal education.")

(from syn-ergo, meaning working together): describes an effort of different entities

with a combined effect that is stronger than the mere sum of their individual effects.
Synergy exists when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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